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More about my Wool

Spinning wool started as a small hobby and progressed into a full time passion, I am as interested in wool and the production methods involved as I am in my painting now.

Amusingly I cannot knit or crochet and have always found watching those with the ability to do such things like magic. Instead my interests lay in sheep, the wool from their backs and turning it into something people can knit.

This led me to discover various ways to dye wool. All of my wools in the shop are dyed by hand using specialist acid dyes - which despite the name are not as scary as they sound.


Sheep welfare is something I feel very strong about, when I buy my fleeces I try and get them directly from the farmer or small holder. I like to know their names and see pictures if I can.

I like my fleece to have come from the Uk where possible.

When that is not always possible and where I can I make certain to avoid some aggressive wool harvesting techniques and pest control. My Merino for example is from South Africa (Cape) and non-mulsed sheep.


Shipping to some countries such as Australia and others may be prohibited because wool is an animal product and they have strict regulations on such things.

Apologies for any trouble this might cause with your wool order.